MBPC Preschool Video

Find out more about our special school with our fantastic new video, thanks to the expertise of Sam Miller. This will show you a little bit about why we love MBPCP!

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The Performers of MBPCP

Bring out your musicians, singers, actors, dancers & rock stars!

During our 2nd week of Summer Fun, we explored the world of performers. We created plays with homemade sock puppets, sang into our microphones, became shining stars and dressed like rock stars! Here’s a look at our fun week:



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MBPC Preschool on ABC 33/40

We had the great opportunity to share about our school and summer program on ABC 33/40’s Talk of Alabama!

Follow the link below to view our segment, and share with your friends and family!



MBPC Preschool on ABC 33/40

Tune in to ABC 33/40’s Talk of Alabama tomorrow morning, June 11 from 9:00-10:00 when MBPC Preschool Director Mary Liz Ingram will be talking about summer activities for young children and our wonderful preschool program!


Summer Fun Week 1: Explorers!

Our first week of our MBPCP Summer Fun Program “When I Grow Up”  was such a fun success!

We blasted off in our Moon Jump every day, got hands on by making Moon Sand and some awesome space and dinosaur crafts. We have a bunch of mini explorers learning about our world, way out in space and under the earth!

Here’s a peek at the fun we had pretending to be astronauts in our space capsule…

And some of our fun crafts and activities…

Looking forward to next week when we explore the world of Performers!!!

MBPC Preschool’s Beautiful Babies!

“It is important to us to maintain a consistent presence in our infant and toddler classes. Seeing someone they recognize and trust every morning is one of those first steps in building a loving relationship. We aren’t part-time; we are here everyday. We work together to understand those little developing personalities, to encourage, to laugh, play, sing and dance, and most of all, to love.” -Mrs. Robin

End of the Year Popsicles

From the very beginning in our youngest classes all the way to the end of our 5K program, MBPC Preschool wraps our preschoolers in warmth and joy. With giggles, stories, footprints, singing, and lots of love, our babies are welcomed into education with the utmost gentleness in a safe, interactive and peaceful environment.

Located in their own quiet section of our campus, our Infant and Toddler Classes each have two caring, trusted teachers who are the best at what they do. These youngest children are consistently happy and well-adjusted thanks to the teacher’s individual attention and recognition of tailored needs.

bumboWe are happy to announce that our Infant Class is now open to 3 months-11 months. With kind, trained and experienced teachers, a calm, safe environment, and our high standards for cleanliness and hygiene, our youngest preschoolers enter the educational setting with ease and consistency.

“It is truly a joy and a privilege to be a part of a child’s early learning years. Watching them take their first steps, say their first words, celebrate their first birthdays, and form their first friendships is such a blessing!” -Mrs. Morgan & Mrs. Kaylee

About our teachers…

On the Playground

All four of our Infant and Toddler teachers have children that have been a part of our preschool program. As mothers themselves, they understand the needs of our smallest preschoolers. With their warm, attentive personalities, and creative teaching, these wonderful women sincerely enjoy caring for your children!

This cohesive team of teachers works so well together, and are often paired differently from year to year. For the upcoming school year, Mrs. Elizabeth and Mrs. Kaylee will be caring for our Infants, while Mrs. Morgan and Mrs. Robin will teach our Toddlers! Find out more about these fabulous ladies by following this link: Our Teachers

Infant Class (3-11 months):

Toddler Class (12-23 months):

Some words from our parents…

“When I drop off my daughter at MBPC I know she is loved like family. The teachers know her individual needs and preferences, and meet them with warmth and smiles! Starting as an infant, she has loved every day at her happy school!”

“Our son just loves his teachers!  Thank you for providing such a wonderful environment for our son!”

toys“It is the best gift to leave your child without any hesitation that she is in wonderful hands.  These teachers genuinely enjoy the children and love watching them grow and change.  I know everyday that [my child] is going to have a great time and be with teachers who love her.  Thank you.”

“I know for a fact my child is loved by his teachers. I am very very happy with this program!”

“I was nervous moving my kids to a new school, but I love MBPC Preschool!  I feel that every teacher loves my child.  I am so happy we made the switch!”

We have a few openings left in our precious Infant Class, open to ages 3-11 months. Give us a call today and come experience the peaceful, loving atmosphere for your yourself! 205/967-5037×4 or preschool@mbpcusa.org

Registration Forms: Infant Registration 2014 2015

MBPC Preschool’s Fabulous 5K

“Our 5K is s child-centered classroom for all types of learning styles. From phonics to friendships, individuals grow academically, socially and emotionally.”    -Ms. Bethanne, 5K

With a creativity that exceeds expectations, our 5K begins each day with enthusiasm, ready to learn! With weekly science exploration, art history creations, math, reading, and writing skills, kid-safe cooking projects and more, we dive into all sorts of adventures with unique educational tools and processes, engaging all of the fresh imagination and creativity of our students.

Offering children a program full of fun and interactive education to top off our excellent preschool program, our Kindergarten excels at building confidence and skills with individualized and personal attention. Children leave our program ready and very much prepared to soar in the next stages of school!

About the teacher…Ms. Bethanne

BABethanne Taylor feels that teaching is her calling, and is blessed to be able to do what she loves. Preparing kids emotionally, socially, spiritually and intellectually is the sole purpose behind her curriculum.  Mother of two boys, who both attended MBPC Preschool, Bethanne received a BA in Graphic Design and Art History from Auburn University and a Masters in Art Education (K-12) from UAB. She taught Elementary Art in the Homewood school system for many years. In her words, this is more than a job to her… it is simply what she was meant to do.

Some words from our students…

“My favorite thing about our school is its the best school ever and Ms. Bethanne is the nicest teacher!” 

“My favorite thing about our school is that Ms. Bethanne is here!”

“My favorite thing about our school is learning.”

Some words from our parents…

“Bethanne brings fresh ideas, and her knowledge of art is second to none! We have loved having her and have no doubt 5K was the way to go for us!”

We have a few openings left in our 5K program…join us today so you don’t miss out! Contact us at preschool@mbpcusa.org or 205/967-5037×4 to set up a tour and to find out more information!

Registration forms 5k 2014 15