Summer Fun Gallery

Our Summer Fun Program may be nearing its end, but these kids have had some fun and educational¬†experiences that won’t be forgotten! Over the past few weeks we have explored “Providers” and “Scientists,” learning about farming, cooking, and discovering our world.

We put our own MBPC Community Garden to use by meeting our resident gardener, Laura McWane, for a tour of the growing vegetables. Located behind our playground, all ages got to see the corn on the stalks, the carrots growing underground, the peppers, eggplant and okra ready to be picked. And of course, they loved to see the tall, beautiful sunflowers! Our oldest campers spent some extra time with Ms. Laura and helped weed the lettuce beds!

As a celebration of exploring under the sea, we ended last week with Water Day! Everybody loves playing in the water on a hot summer day in our beautiful courtyard!

MBPCP Phones

The church has been having some “technical difficulties” when it comes to our phone line…if you call the school and get a busy signal, we are not ignoring you! The phone company has been trying to fix it all week.

Your call is important to us and we would love for you to contact us via email: and we will return your call right away! You may also reach Mary Liz or the teachers on our cell phones while we wait for the problem to be resolved. Hopefully today is the day!

MBPC Preschool Video

Find out more about our special school with our fantastic new video, thanks to the expertise of Sam Miller. This will show you a little bit about why we love MBPCP!

Mountain Brook Presbyterian Preschool from Burton Advertising on Vimeo.

The Performers of MBPCP

Bring out your musicians, singers, actors, dancers & rock stars!

During our 2nd week of Summer Fun, we explored the world of performers. We created plays with homemade sock puppets, sang into our microphones, became shining stars and dressed like rock stars! Here’s a look at our fun week:



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MBPC Preschool on ABC 33/40

We had the great opportunity to share about our school and summer program on ABC 33/40’s Talk of Alabama!

Follow the link below to view our segment, and share with your friends and family!


MBPC Preschool on ABC 33/40

Tune in to ABC 33/40’s Talk of Alabama tomorrow morning, June 11 from 9:00-10:00 when MBPC Preschool Director Mary Liz Ingram will be talking about summer activities for young children and our wonderful preschool program!


Summer Fun Week 1: Explorers!

Our first week of our MBPCP Summer Fun Program “When I Grow Up” ¬†was such a fun success!

We blasted off in our Moon Jump every day, got hands on by making Moon Sand and some awesome space and dinosaur crafts. We have a bunch of mini explorers learning about our world, way out in space and under the earth!

Here’s a peek at the fun we had pretending to be astronauts in our space capsule…

And some of our fun crafts and activities…

Looking forward to next week when we explore the world of Performers!!!