Summer Fun Week 3: Plants!

This week at MBPCP’s Summer Fun, we learned about plants. During Week 1 we explored all things tiny, including seeds. It was neat to see how seeds grow and turn into the food we eat and the beautiful flowers we planted this week around the school! The kids LOVED planting…we have lots of budding gardeners!

MBPC Preschool’s 2s

“What I love the most about teaching 2 year olds is they make me laugh everyday. The things they say and do are so honest and funny!” -Mrs. Shannon

Cookie Monster Color Game

There is never a dull moment when working with 2 year olds.

With an abundance of smiles, energy and an eagerness to learn, 2 year olds are ready for anything. At MBPC Preschool, we offer two classes for these little friends to soak up the many wonders around them, combining their social education and playtime with age-appropriate academic exploration in a safe, loving environment.

With the flexibility to meet your child’s needs in his or her development, potty training and daily routines, we welcome our 2s into a world of music, games, crafts and fun. We introduce a comfortable, fluid classroom structure with circle time, nursery rhymes, snack time and lessons for young learners, fostering a love of learning from the ground up.

Mrs. Shannon“When they first come to us, they are still “babies.” By the end of the year it is amazing to see how much they have grown, becoming more independent and mastering skills.” -Mrs. Shannon

For many of our students, the 2 year old class is the first step into preschool. We offer a 5 day class with Mrs. Shannon and Mrs. Ginger, and students may attend anywhere from 3-5 days. We also offer a Tuesday/Thursday class with Mrs. Celeste, a perfect option to get your child accustomed to school!

Mrs. Celeste“I love teaching the 2 year old class! Because my own children are mostly grown, I enjoy having the hugs and joy of little ones again! In my class, I get the privilege of easing them into the school environment with lots of love and fun activities. For many, this is their first school experience and an age where you see so much progress. I’m always amazed at the difference between the first day and the last day of the year!” -Mrs. Celeste

Find out more about these wonderful teachers by following this link:

Our Teachers

We only have a few openings left…Spaces fill quickly in both of our 2 year old classes. Give us a call today and come experience the peaceful, loving atmosphere for your yourself!

205/967-5037×4 or

Registration Form:

Registration form 2s 2015 2016

Words from our parents…

IMG_8887“The staff at MBPC far exceeds expectations of any other preschool. The education is fantastic and the love my child feels is incredible. Thank you!”

“I absolutely love the atmosphere of competence, organization and love for my child at MBPCP! I feel he is in great hands, safe and learning a lot! Can’t wait to see what next year brings!”

“I consider MBPC preschool a true family environment that our family is proud to be a part of.”

“The staff at MBPC have always gone above and beyond for my child and other children in the class.”

“My son has loved the two year old class! I can tell they really care for and love my child.”

“My child adored her sweet 2 year old class and teachers. She learned so much,  and especially grew socially. She has had so much fun learning with her sweet friends and loving teachers!”

“Best preschool! I wouldn’t have my children anywhere else!  We love MBPC Preschool!”

Words from our 2 year olds…

FullSizeRender (12)“I like to eat my lunch and clap my hands with Mrs. Shannon. I like it when my teachers give me hugs.”

“I like circle time with my teachers.”

“I like to go on the playground with friends.”

“I like playing in my class.”

MBPC Preschool’s Infants & Toddlers

“It is important to us to maintain a consistent presence in our infant and toddler classes. Seeing someone they recognize and trust every morning is one of those first steps in building a loving relationship. We aren’t part-time; we are here everyday. We work together to understand those little developing personalities, to encourage, to laugh, play, sing and dance, and most of all, to love.” -Mrs. RobinEnd of the Year PopsiclesFrom the very beginning in our youngest classes all the way to the end of our 5K program, MBPC Preschool wraps our preschoolers in warmth and joy. With giggles, stories, footprints, singing, and lots of love, our babies are welcomed into education with the utmost gentleness in a safe, interactive and peaceful environment. Located in their own quiet section of our campus, our Infant and Toddler Classes each have two caring, trusted teachers who are the best at what they do. These youngest children are consistently happy and well-adjusted thanks to the teacher’s individual attention and recognition of tailored needs.

bumboOur Infant Class is open to 3 months-11 months. With kind, trained and experienced teachers, a calm, safe environment, and our high standards for cleanliness and hygiene, our youngest preschoolers enter the educational setting with ease and consistency.

“It is truly a joy and a privilege to be a part of a child’s early learning years. Watching them take their first steps, say their first words, celebrate their first birthdays, and form their first friendships is such a blessing!” -Mrs. Morgan

About our teachers…

On the PlaygroundAll of our Infant and Toddler teachers have children that have been a part of our preschool program. As mothers themselves, they understand the needs of our smallest preschoolers. With their warm, attentive personalities, and creative teaching, these wonderful women sincerely enjoy caring for your children!

This cohesive team of teachers works so well together Find out more about these fabulous ladies by following this link:

Our Teachers

Some words from our parents…

“When I drop off my daughter at MBPC I know she is loved like family. The teachers know her individual needs and preferences, and meet them with warmth and smiles! Starting as an infant, she has loved every day at her happy school!”

“Our son just loves his teachers!  Thank you for providing such a wonderful environment for our son!”

toys“It is the best gift to leave your child without any hesitation that she is in wonderful hands.  These teachers genuinely enjoy the children and love watching them grow and change.  I know everyday that [my child] is going to have a great time and be with teachers who love her.  Thank you.”

“I know for a fact my child is loved by his teachers. I am very very happy with this program!”

“I was nervous moving my kids to a new school, but I love MBPC Preschool!  I feel that every teacher loves my child.  I am so happy we made the switch!”

We only have a few openings left…Spaces fill quickly in our precious Infant Class, open to ages 3-11 months, and our fun Toddler class, open to ages 12-23 months. Give us a call today and come experience the peaceful, loving atmosphere for your yourself!

205/967-5037×4 or

Registration Forms:

Registration forms Infant 2015 2016

Registration forms Toddler 2015 2016

Brown Bag Project

FullSizeRender (9)During Week 2 of Summer Fun, we are learning about insects! While we picnic and play, we are also collecting food for the Birmingham food pantry the “Brown Bag Project.” Check out the list to see what items to send in! Thanks for helping feed Birmingham’s hungry families!

brown bag pic


Summer Fun Week 1!

We had a great first week of Summer Fun: All Things BIG and small, starting out exploring “All things tiny!” We’ve been collecting pennies, learning about germs, sand, and using our magnifying glasses to spot the tiny parts of our big world.

Coming up on Week 2, we learn all about insects! We will be having picnics this week, and will be collecting food for the Brown Bag Ministry, which provides complete bags of meals for hungry Birmingham families.

brown bag pic