Our First Month of School!

Now that we are finally beginning our first full week of school, our classes are diving into all sorts of fun and creative activities!

Our Toddler class with Mrs. Beverly and Mrs. Morgan are having a fun time getting to know each other and making sweet new friends.

In our Two Year old class, Mrs. Sheila and Mrs. Catherine are excited to meet their new students, as they explore circles, red and yellow. The kids are doing great getting along and playing together!

With Ms. Capree and Mrs. Buffy, the three year olds are having a blast learning class routines, having special responsibilities and making new friends! They have started working on the alphabet and our Author of the Month Eric Carle.

The Four Year olds with Mrs. Tina and Mrs. Caroline are already well on their way to being eager learners, preparing for Kindergarten! They feel like big kids! Using the Letter People curriculum, they are exploring the letters N, W and P this month. They are also learning their phone numbers and addresses!

With Mrs. Heather, our 5K class started the year off early with a Princess & Pirate Party at Mrs. Heather’s house. Through cooking activities, crafts and other fun experiences, they are learning about the human body. Quinn Miles is our Star of the Month for September!


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