TOT Basketball @ MBPCP

TOT Reg Flyer (1)-page-001Today our 3 year olds had a special treat! The TOT Basketball program came and offered a sample class, incorporating academics, coordination, motor skills, self-esteem and self-discipline with basic basketball skills. The kids LOVED it.

MBPCP will be offering this optional program to our 3s, beginning next Friday. Classes will be 35 minutes on Friday mornings at 9:50, and will be an added boost to our curriculum. We feel this is a good option for our little friends and hope you will take advantage of this fun program!

We are sending home registration forms and more information with your child today. Look it over and feel free to contact Mary Liz or the TOT director Stacey McRae ( with any questions!

Children who participate in TOTs will not miss out on the classroom activities, but will enjoy this extra program once a week in addition to the classroom.  All payments go through the TOT program, but can be turned in to the preschool office.

For more info, visit!

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