MBPC Preschool’s Fabulous 5K

“Our 5K is s child-centered classroom for all types of learning styles. From phonics to friendships, individuals grow academically, socially and emotionally.”    -Ms. Bethanne, 5K

With a creativity that exceeds expectations, our 5K begins each day with enthusiasm, ready to learn! With weekly science exploration, art history creations, math, reading, and writing skills, kid-safe cooking projects and more, we dive into all sorts of adventures with unique educational tools and processes, engaging all of the fresh imagination and creativity of our students.

Offering children a program full of fun and interactive education to top off our excellent preschool program, our Kindergarten excels at building confidence and skills with individualized and personal attention. Children leave our program ready and very much prepared to soar in the next stages of school!

About the teacher…Ms. Bethanne

BABethanne Taylor feels that teaching is her calling, and is blessed to be able to do what she loves. Preparing kids emotionally, socially, spiritually and intellectually is the sole purpose behind her curriculum.  Mother of two boys, who both attended MBPC Preschool, Bethanne received a BA in Graphic Design and Art History from Auburn University and a Masters in Art Education (K-12) from UAB. She taught Elementary Art in the Homewood school system for many years. In her words, this is more than a job to her… it is simply what she was meant to do.

Some words from our students…

“My favorite thing about our school is its the best school ever and Ms. Bethanne is the nicest teacher!” 

“My favorite thing about our school is that Ms. Bethanne is here!”

“My favorite thing about our school is learning.”

Some words from our parents…

“Bethanne brings fresh ideas, and her knowledge of art is second to none! We have loved having her and have no doubt 5K was the way to go for us!”

Spaces fill quickly in our unique 5K program…join us today so you don’t miss out! Contact us at preschool@mbpcusa.org or 205/967-5037×4 to set up a tour and to find out more information!

Registration forms 5k 2015 2016


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