Fundraiser Success!

Thanks to all who came, volunteered, donated and made last night’s Block Party Fundraiser such a successful and FUN night! We raised over $3000 and are looking forward to getting started on our projects!

BIG thanks to:

Our Fundraiser Committee Wendy Sanders, Leigh Hessler, Claire Butler, Claire Puckett, Scott Miklic, and Patricia Craft; Joel Brown & Kenneth Sanders for grilling our hamburgers and hot dogs; Our wonderful team of volunteers from the church and school, preschool parents sending in desserts, drinks and plates; thanks to Doodles for coming and for the generous donation, to Piggly Wiggly for donating hot dogs and buns, to Crestline Bagel for donating potato salad and chips, to Wendy Sanders for making the baked beans and donating the hamburgers and buns, to Scott Miklic for donating the popcorn machine, Amanda Stringfellow for donating the lights, and to Golden Flake for our discounted chips. And thanks to everyone who attended and donated!


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