Classes & Curriculum

We recognize that children learn and develop in different ways and at different paces.  All of our classes use a guided curriculum to assist the parents in the social, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual development of the child.  Our talented teachers are accompanied by caring assistants.

Our Infants, Toddlers and Twos use a well-rounded program of socialization, free movement and expression, creative activities, story reading and music.  These activities are developmentally-oriented to the young child’s interests, allowing children to participate in thematic unit activities and special theme days.  They also may share in some special activities presented by the older preschoolers!

Our Three year old classes engage in a curriculum divided into thematic units developmentally appropriate for learning.  The study of numbers and letters will be integrated into these units as they experience storytelling, word association, perception and movement activities, learning centers, and instructional cooking activities.

Our Four year old classes also use The Letter People System, Handwriting Without Tears, and  age-appropriate thematic units, putting greater emphasis on numbers, counting, letter recognition and formation, and letter sounds.  A wide variety of creative learning experiences are used to help these growing children reach his or her fullest potential!

Our 5K class follows recommendations set forth by the Mountain Brook School System to devise curriculum.  The Letter People System, Handwriting Without Tears and thematic units are used in conjunction with these programs to encourage learning through creative exploration and science experiences.  Mathematics, handwriting, and reading readiness are the primary focus for these students.

Class Ratios

  • Infants…………………….4 children/1 teacher
  • Toddlers…………………5 children/1 teacher
  • Twos……………………..7 children/1 teacher
  • Threes………………….10 children/1 teacher
  • Fours……………………12 children/1 teacher
  • 5K………………………..12 children/1 teacher

Our classes are small enough and our facility is diverse, which allows students to experience nature hikes on the trail behind our school, watching vegetables grow in the community garden, blowing bubbles in the courtyard, and other special activities!

Enrichment Opportunities

Here at MBPC Preschool, we offer several types of Enrichment opportunities to help your child explore more of our wonderful and creative world.

Several times each week, all classes participate in their own Enrichment Classes. During this segment of the day, students will discover the basics of music, art, movement and language through a variety of activities.

Once a week, classes head to the sanctuary for Chapel with the MBPC Minister, where through song and story they will learn more about God who loves each and every one of us.

Field Trips
Our 4 & 5 year old classes have several fun field trips through the year. Homestead Hollow, Old Baker Farm, the Children’s Theater and the Emmet O’Neil Library are just a few! A field trip release form must be signed by the parent in order for a child to participate. Parent volunteers assist in transporting and chaperoning these trips.

Sunshine Bunch
Rise and shine with MBPC Preschool early morning program, the Sunshine Bunch! We meet each school day from 8:00-9:00…click here for more information!

Wee Play
Each afternoon, we offer an optional program from 1:00-2:15, full of fun and enrichment! For more details and registration, click here.

Summer Fun
Each summer students join us for Monday-Thursday Summer Fun classes, running June through the first of August.  Classes are 9:00-1:00, with lunch at 11:00. Sunshine Bunch and Wee Play are offered every day of Summer Fun.

  • During Summer Fun, your child will get to have a blast making crafts, playing games, and having fun with friends and teachers with special events.
  • Children ages 3 months to completed 2nd grade are invited to attend, regardless of attendance at MBPC Preschool… here to find out more!

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