Wee Play

Wee Play is an extra program of fun and enrichment offered Monday-Friday after the regular school day, from 1:00-2:15!

Wee Play features a variety of activities with our talented teachers, including games, special snacks, art, story time and free play. Children are always excited when they get to join their friends for this extra time!

 Wee Play registration fare available the last week of each month.

Forms are due by the FIRST SCHOOL DAY of the MONTH.

If space allows based on the number of pre-registered children, last minute attendance is allowed. Please check with the preschool office before 12:00 to check availability.

WP February 2020

Wee Play January 2020 Registration

If you know your child’s schedule for the remainder of the year, please fill out the form below.

Wee Play 2019-2020 Whole Year

Cost for Wee Play:

Drop ins, or 1-5 days per month – $10 per day

6 + days per month – $8 per day

All school days attended per month – $6 per day

*Wee Play does not have make up days
*you may include your Wee Play Fee in the check for your regular tuition

For more information, check out our Wee Play 2019-2020 Info Sheet

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