Policies & Safety

At MBPC Preschool, your child’s safety is a top priority.

We want to help keep them safe, healthy and happy during their time here with us! Please note a few of our policies to help us meet this goal. For more detailed information, please view our Preschool Handbook.  We are a non-smoking campus.

Our classes are small with the appropriate ratio of children to teachers to make sure the kids are safe and happy!

We always have teachers on site who are CPR trained and we have very clear emergency procedures.

We regularly disinfect all toys and surfaces in the classrooms.

Fire and Weather Safety

  • We have fire drills once a month with the Mountain Brook Fire Department
  • The Fire Department also visits us for Fire Safety Week in October, where the kids get to see the fire truck, the firemen dress in their fire suits, and we emphasize fire safety.
  • In case of severe weather, the office is constantly monitoring the situation and will make the best and most prompt decisions possible to keep our kids safe!
  • MBPC Preschool follows the Mountain Brook School system’s school closing decisions, but we dismiss 30 minutes prior to time announced. Come pick up your preschooler first before older children.

Visiting your child

  • Parents are welcome to visit their child at any time, but you MUST  check in at the office upon arrival.
  • Please keep in mind that class time is 9:00-1:00 and is valuable learning time
  • Teachers love to have a scheduled “guest reader” or activity helper! Please let your teacher know if you are interested.
  • You are also welcome to eat lunch with your child’s class, however lunch visits during the first month of school are not allowed.

Food Policy

  • While we are not a peanut free school, we do not allow nut or peanut products for any group snacks.
    • Please keep this in mind when sending in treats for parties
    • No peanut butter, peanut butter crackers or granola bars, peanut candy, etc. for class or school-wide snacks
  • Parents will provide a healthy lunch & drink for their child each day
  • Bottles must be fully prepared, sealed and labeled AT HOME, ready for use
  • Staff will wear gloves when distributing food
  • Water is always available for children’s use
  • Only prepackaged, single-serving beverages will be distributing by the school
  • Catered food will be temperature tested and recorded before being served

Screen Time Policy

  • Screen time includes TV and computer
  • No screen time is allowed for students below age 2 years

2 years & older:

  • screen time is not allowed during meals or snack
  • screen time may not exceed 2.5 hours per week
  • screen time is offered as a free choice activity

 Physical Activity Policy

  • 12 months and younger are offered a clutter-free environment conducive to physical development
  • 1-3 year olds will have 30 minutes of active play per 4 hour day
  • 3 years and up will have 45 minutes of active play per 4 hour day
  • schedules displaying indoor and outdoor activity times are posted in each room

Illness Policy

Here’s a reminder of when NOT to send your child to school, to help keep us all healthy!

 Do not bring your child if he/she has:

1. A severe cold
2. Flu
3. Undetermined rash or spots
4. Chronic cough
5. Earache
6. Lice (may return once treated & nit free)
7. Sore Throat
8. The child in the previous 24 hours had fever, diarrhea, vomiting, a rash indicative of an infectious disease, impetigo, mouth sores, or any other possible infectious disease.

We like to know when your child will not be at preschool due to sickness. Please call the Preschool office to let us know. We regularly disinfect all toys and surfaces in the classrooms.


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