MBPC Garden

On Wednesday morning, a group of Mountain Brook High School Seniors and staff spent 2 hours of community service here at MBPC, completely reviving our garden in preparation for some exciting new plans! The community garden has been a part of MBPC for many years, and has experienced several transitions. We are excited to announce that we are in the process of renewing the garden to serve the preschool, church and community as an educational space, with a quiet Habitat Garden, a perennial pollinator garden, and an outdoor classroom with a teaching garden. The MBHS group gave us the kick-start we needed as we begin this energizing project!




Already planting!


Summer Fun Gallery

Our Summer Fun Program may be nearing its end, but these kids have had some fun and educational¬†experiences that won’t be forgotten! Over the past few weeks we have explored “Providers” and “Scientists,” learning about farming, cooking, and discovering our world.

We put our own MBPC Community Garden to use by meeting our resident gardener, Laura McWane, for a tour of the growing vegetables. Located behind our playground, all ages got to see the corn on the stalks, the carrots growing underground, the peppers, eggplant and okra ready to be picked. And of course, they loved to see the tall, beautiful sunflowers! Our oldest campers spent some extra time with Ms. Laura and helped weed the lettuce beds!

As a celebration of exploring under the sea, we ended last week with Water Day! Everybody loves playing in the water on a hot summer day in our beautiful courtyard!

Community Helper Day

Today is Community Helper Day for our 4 year old classes. Here are a few cute photos of our mini doctors, builders, firemen, and more!